Homes for Veterans - You're the Key to Ending Veteran Homelessness!

Working together with partners at all levels of government and in every corner of Minnesota, we have reduced homelessness among Veterans by 54% and now have a Homeless Veteran Registry with just over 200 Veterans.

We know their names, we know their needs and now we need you to join us to become the fourth state in the country to finish the job and end homelessness among Veterans.

As a landlord, you can play a critical role.

Nearly half of the Veterans on the registry have a housing voucher, they just need a place to call home. With your commitment to house Veterans from the registry, we’ll also commit support to you.

We have systems in place to support both you and Veterans with services and landlords with risk mitigation tools and incentives.

The risk mitigation funds protect landlords with up to $2,000 of insurance if an issue arises that is not covered by the security deposit. This program is called Beyond Backgrounds

There are also incentive funds where landlords can get a financial bonus when the rent to a veteran!

Ask about the mitigation and incentive funds when a Veteran with their case manager contacts you. (Not all Veterans will have access to these funds, but many will).

Ready to help?

Let us know about upcoming vacancies or how you you'd like help here or call 1-866-522-2827.



Homes for Veterans