Carver County CDA 2 Bedroom Public Housing Waiting List

The Carver County CDA will begin accepting pre-applications for its two (2) bedroom waiting list under the Public Housing Program until further notice.

The Public Housing program provides units with reduced rent (based on income) to households with low incomes.

Here are the income limits:

1 Person Household: $18,050 - $46,000

2 Person Household: $20,600 - $52,600

3 Person Household: $23,200 - $59,150

4 Person Household: $25,750 - $65,700

5 Person Household: $28,440 - $71,000

6 Person Household: $32,580 - $76,250

7 Person Household: $36,730 - $81,500

8 Person Household: $40,890 - $86,750

To receive a pre-application, please select ONE of the following options:

  • Download an application from the CDA website.
  • Request an application in person at the CDA office located at 705 North Walnut St., Chaska, MN. Office hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  • Call to request an application at 952-448-7715.

Once you have completed the pre-application, fax, mail or drop it off at the CDA Office. All pre-applications will be placed on the waiting list subject to local admissions preferences. For more information on admission preferences, please contact the CDA.

If you need a special accommodation because of a disability, please contact Carver County CDA at 952-448-7715.


The Carver County CDA provides free interpreter services, upon request.


Qhov chaw Carver County CDA muaj neeg txhais lus dawb, yog koj xa tau kev pab.


По Вашей просьбе Carver County CDA может бесплатно предоставить Вам услуги переводчика.


Carver County CDA proporciona interpretés a su pedido, gratis para Usted.