FAQ - The Zero Balance Project

What is the maximum amount I can apply for in each unit?

There is no limit.

Do my renters still have to live in the unit?

Yes. Exceptions are considered on a case-by-case basis, if requested by the renter.

How do I apply for the 3 months of the prospective (future) rent?

The renters do this. In the renter part of the application there is a check-box where they can apply for prospective (future) rent if they know they will be unable to pay those future months. 

How do I check the status of the application?

  • Log into your Neighborly Account

  • In the left column, click on "Tenant"

  • "Application in Progress" means not all of the information has been submitted (by the landlord or the renter).

  • If you have questions, email ZeroBalanceProject@FHFund.org with your application number and your question.

My renters need help completing their part of the application. Who should they contact?

Email ZeroBalanceProject@FHFund.org or call them at 612-895-7880.

If my application is approved, when will I receive payment?

A check will be mailed to the address provided by the landlord within 14 days of approval. 

I already submitted my application, but now I need to speak to someone about it. Who should I contact?

Email ZeroBalanceProject@FHFund.org or call them at 612-895-7880.

My renters are worried this will impact other assistance/benefits they receive. Will it?

No. This does not count as income. The payment goes directly to the landlord.

My renters are undocumented and are afraid to submit their information. What should I tell them?

Household names are NOT reported to ICE. Dakota, Hennepin, and Ramsey County will get access to the data, and so will the cities of Minneapolis and St Paul.

My renters will not complete their part of the application. Can I still apply?

No. Renters must also complete their part of the application. 

How are applications prioritized?

Applications are reviewed and paid on a first come, first served basis. 

How can I appeal a rejected application?

You have 10 days from when the denial email was sent to appeal. Email Appeals@FHFund.org with your contact information and application number, the reason(s) your application was denied, and why you believe the denial was made in error. 

What do the Application Statuses Mean?

  • Application in Progress - Renter needs to complete the application

  • Application Submitted - Renter has completed the application

  • Recertification Submitted - Renter has requested additional assistance

  • Application Under Review - First review in process 

  • Pending Second Review - First review complete, required second pending 

  • Under Second Review - Second review in process

  • Pending Applicant/Landlord Information: required information is missing and has been requested

  • Approved - Pending Tenant Information/eligibility: landlord application complete

  • Application Returned: Second review identified missing information

  • Recommended for Approval - Finance team reviewing to approve payment

  • Approved: Pending Payment - Check processing underway 

  • Paid - Check has been mailed

  • Denied - Does not meet criteria for payment, may be a result of missing information

  • Withdrawn - Per renter or landlord request

  • Duplicate Application: submitted to both RentHelpMN and Zero Balance Project, paused and cannot be completed without renter request