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Our work to simplify affordable housing has taken on greater urgency these past two years.

For a long time, our local housing market has suffered with issues like affordability and homelessness. Then, the pandemic started.

All of this has led to a whirlwind of programs, policies and regulations. These have fueled confusion and uncertainty for many.

It is harder than ever to find a solutions-focused, trusted source of support and information to navigate these challenges.

At HousingLink we take great pride in being that source.

For nearly 25 years, we have served as a reliable, trusted, and efficient nonprofit that offers practical services to meet the unique needs of both renters and landlords. Here are some examples:

Beyond Backgrounds

This program provides support to landlords who are willing to rent to someone with criminal, credit or rental history barriers in their background.

Nearly 500 renters have found housing through Beyond Backgrounds!

Our 75+ landlord partners get free insurance to manage the financial risk, and someone to call when challenging situations arise. 

A true win-win program that continues to grow with your financial support.

Housing Search

Our site has over 1 million searches for affordable rental housing each year.

On average, each case manager that uses HousingLink finds housing for 4 of their clients every month!

Landlords love using our site too!

When asked, “Why do you post vacancies on HousingLink?” here are some of the responses that we received in our annual survey:

"Because it is a brilliant way to advertise our low-income housing units."

"The site reaches a wide audience of renters and is easy to use."

This amazing service remains free for all to use with your financial support.

Data Without Agenda 

Housing issues are generating more attention, opinions and controversy than we have ever seen.

At HousingLink, we've earned a reputation as data and housing information experts without spin or a political agenda.

Our popular reports include the Minneapolis and St Paul Rental Housing Briefs, Twin Cities Rental Revue, Twin Cities Rental Housing Trends, Minnesota Housing Measures, and more!

Your financial support makes these offerings possible.

Education for Landlords

When new programs, rules and regulations arise, we are here to help you make sense of them. Our training library for landlords includes the following:

  • Training on the Minneapolis Renter Protections Ordinance
  • Rental Property Inspections in St. Paul: What to Prepare for and Expect
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Fair Housing and more!

Resources to Understand Voucher Assistance Programs 

We help both renters and landlords understand how to navigate programs like Housing Choice Vouchers. We recently completed a robust project that helps landlords understand the entire process when they are willing to accept a voucher. 

Projects like this are possible with your financial support.

We know that when landlords, renters, and HousingLink work together, our community can overcome any housing challenges.

Your financial support makes it all possible!

HousingLink is a 501(c )3 organization based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

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Ways to Give

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Success Stories

HousingLink has allowed me to help over 200 families find housing.

~ DonEsther, Case Manager

DonEsther Case Manager


HousingLink is very helpful. It has so many listings that it's always possible to find something in my budget.

~ Char, Renter


My kids and I were in the shelter, and we found a place using HousingLink. We are so grateful for your service. I've told my friends about HousingLink, and many of them have found housing using your service too. It is the best place out there to search for housing!

~Janet, Renter




I always refer renters to HousingLink. They can access hundreds of detailed listings so they find the right home for their families. HousingLink is a wonderful organization and a valuable asset to our community.

~Washington, Housing Coordinator