Twin Cities Rental Revue - Shadow & Apartment Market Data

Does your company need rent data for Minneapolis, St. Paul, or the Twin Cities suburbs? Are you curious about how apartment rents are impacted by the shadow rental market of condos, houses, duplexes and townhomes? If so, check out the MADACS* award winning Twin Cities Rental Revue.

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Twin Cities Rental Revue is a quarterly report that features:

  • Rent data for the apartment market.
  • Rent data for shadow market rentals (condos, duplexes, houses, townhomes).
  • Rent data for 66 Twin Cities regions (Minneapolis & St. Paul neighborhoods & Suburbs).
  • Demand information - A review of what renters searched for in the previous quarter.

Annual Subscription: $469

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Twin Cities Rental Revue is delivered quarterly by email in January, April, July, and October.

Testimonials from Industry Professionals

"Twin Cities Rental Revue has quickly become our go-to source when analyzing the rental market. It provides data on what was once a missing piece for Steven Scott Management - the shadow market. While we knew we were losing prospects to the shadow market, we could never quantify it. Twin Cities Rental Revue not only quantifies it for us, but by breaking it out geographically, it gives us a better picture of the total rental market (traditional & shadow).

The detailed information on what prospects are searching for is valuable as well. Providing information on utilities included in the rent, pet policies, and security deposits allows us to watch this on a quarterly basis to assess any risks or opportunities that might present themselves. Twin Cities Rental Revue is beneficial for all of the properties that we manage!"

~ Brenda Hvambsal, Steven Scott Management


"There are numerous reasons why I subscribe to Twin Cities Rental Revue and feel it is an invaluable tool for property management companies. For example:

  • It is the only source that provides insight into the shadow market.
  • The shadow market data is comprehensive and helpful comparison is is provided to the apartment market.
  • The report provides a breakdown of vacancies by unit type and market (city)
  • Information related to leasing policies is included (pet policies, security deposits, utilities included)
  • Comparisons to the previous year's quarter are provided.
If your company wants a better understanding of the rental market, I recommend that you subscribe to Twin Cities Rental Revue."

~ Angie French, Oaks Properties


"Simply put, Twin Cities Rental Revue has changed how we evaluate the rental market. Before it existed we did not have a way to reliably track what was happening in the shadow rental market of condos, duplexes, houses, and townhomes. It has revealed the shadow market's impact on competition for prospects and the rents we charge at our apartment communities. It has filled a data gap that previously existed in this market. Twin Cities Rental Revue is the first source we go to when analyzing the Twin Cities Rental Market.

~ Steven Everett, Thies & Talle Management


Your subscription supports a good cause! 100% of the proceeds generated by Twin Cities Rental Revue support the mission and work of local nonprofit organization HousingLink. Learn more about HousingLink's community impact.

*Twin Cities Rental Revue won in 2012 for "Outstanding Product Innovation." MADACS (Multi Housing Achievement in Design & Community Service) is a competitive award competition hosted by the Minnesota Multi Housing Association.

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