MN Housing Measures

Minnesota Housing Measures is an annually-updated, interactive visualization of three key measures related to affordable rental housing in Minnesota:

  1. Private Market Affordability: The percent of non-subsidized, publicly-advertised vacancies affordable to 60% of area median income, by metro area and region in the state. With data deriving from HousingLink's private market rental dataset.
  2. Subsidized Housing Stock: The total "inventory" of both publicly-funded affordable rental units and "Section 8" Housing Choice Vouchers by metro area and region in the state, featuring data from HousingLink's Streams database and HUD's A Picture of Subsidized Households.
  3. Funding for Housing: Statewide dollars allocated to housing from the Federal level (data from, State level (data from MN Housing's annual program assessment) and Philanthropic entities (data from The Foundation Center's Foundation Maps resource).
See below visualization for more background and context around MN Housing Measures.

About MN Housing Measures

In 2007, The McKnight Foundation and HousingLink started collaboration on the Minnesota Baseline Housing Measures report. The intent of the report was to track activity, through a series of specific measurements, within the affordable housing community in Minnesota.

See 2007-2012 MN Housing Measures

In 2012, the metrics in MN Housing Measures were evaluated and re-positioned to better reflect the state of affordable rental housing in a post-recession economy featuring an extended period of low vacancy, rising rents, and challenges to developing new publicly-funded units.

See 2012-2018 MN Housing Measures

As of 2021, we are again re-envisioning MN Housing Measures. This time, we are aiming to distill the wealth of data that has always contributed to the report into its most key components: affordability of private market rents, supply of publicly-assisted affordable rents, and funding for affordable housing. Additionally, this new evolution presents data in an interactive Tableau visualization, rather than long-form, static, narrative report. We hope this newest form of MN Housing Measures fosters the same discussions as our traditional report, while becoming more accessible and useful for housing generalists, policymakers, and the media.