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HousingLink provides research, data, analytics and expertise to Minnesota's affordable housing sector. As rental market experts, HousingLink has contributed data and expertise for numerous multi-agency collaborative efforts. Our research offerings are driven from two primary aspects of the rental housing market: private market rent data and and publicly-funded/subsidized affordable.

Rental Revue Data

HousingLink's Rental Revue Data is a unique policy and analysis resource featuring thousands of public-facing vacancy listings per quarter in the state of Minnesota, containing advertised rent amount, number of bedrooms, and building type (including both multifamily and the "shadow market" of single family home, duplex, condo, and townhome).

Streams Data

HousingLink maintains a database of all contractually-obligated affordable rental properties in the state of MN that have an in-force affordability restriction or direct subsidy, along with attributes that include known addresses, units by bedroom and level of affordability, and funding sources.

HousingLink's Research Resources

Data from Streams and Rental Revue, along with other rental market insights, are employed to deliver a number of ongoing and periodic resources:

Twin Cities Rental Housing Trends: An interactive, rolling, 12-month visualization of key rental market trends in the Twin Cities.

Streams: The app in which to view and search the contractually-obligated, affordable rental data in Streams.

Hennepin County Rental Housing Brief: A quarterly report featuring a summary of affordable listings in Hennepin County, intended for use by developers and policymakers with an interest in affordable housing.

Minneapolis Rental Housing Brief and St Paul Rental Housing Brief: Monthly reports on the state of rental housing in the cities of Minneapolis and St Paul.

Twin Cities Rental Revue: A subscription-based quarterly median rent report for multifamily, single family, duplex, condo, and townhome rentals in the Twin Cities metro area.

MN Housing Measures: Private market rent data contributes to this annually-updated, interactive visualization of three key measures related to affordable rental housing in Minnesota.

Housing Counts: An annual report of affordable housing production and preservation in the Twin Cities Metro, in partnership with Family Housing Fund.

Other Research: A variety of other efforts and collaborations with regional partners with an interest in understanding the rental market in Minnesota.

Data Inquiries and Custom Research

To discuss HousingLink data and how our organization can meet your organization's analysis needs, please contact Dan Hylton, Research Manager, at dhylton@housinglink.org.

Media Inquiries

Please contact Sue Speakman-Gomez, President, at sgomez@housinglink.org.

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