Subsidized Housing

Subsidized Housing in Minnesota

There are 4 major subsidized housing programs in Minnesota: Section 8 Vouchers, Project Based Section 8, Public Housing, and Section 42. Watch this 7 minute video to learn about each one.

What is subsidized housing?
Housing that receives some form of financial assistance from the government through the use of operating subsidies, tax credits or rent payments in order to make the rent affordable to low-to-moderate income renters. These programs were established to provide decent, safe rental housing for eligible low-to-moderate income families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities.

Section 8 Vouchers
Government issued rent vouchers
that the renter uses in the private market

Public Housing
Government owned rent-
based-on-income housing facilities

Project Based Section 8
Privately owned rent-based-on-
income facilities where the
subsidy is connected to the building

Section 42 Tax Credit
Privately owned rent-based-
on-income facilities that use tax
incentives to keep rents low