Landlord Education

Fair Housing

In this highly interactive, self-guided training you will learn everything you need to know to follow Fair Housing laws and avoid complaints.

Through engaging exercises and videos you will learn:

  • A brief history of housing discrimination in the United States.
  • How the Fair Housing Act was passed.
  • Federally protected classes and additional protected classes in Minnesota.
  • Which actions violate Fair Housign law.
  • Customer service tips that help you avoid Fair Housing complaints.
  • Reasonable Accommodation.
  • Fair Housing scenarios that will help you put learning into action.
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Micro-Training on the NEW Minneapolis Renter Protections Ordinance

The new Minneapolis Renter Protections Ordinance started on June 1st, 2020 for landlords with 16+ units. It goes into effect for everyone else on December 1st, 2020.

The following micro-trainings take about 3 minutes to complete. They will help you understand how the ordinance will impact your operations.

Rental Property Inspections in St Paul: What to Prepare For and Expect

Part training, part resource to help you prepare for a city inspection. It will take you just 8-10 minutes to walk through all of the content and get prepared for your next inspection.

Here is what you will learn:

Module 1 - What to Know Before the Inspection
Fees, pre-inspection checklist, inspection point system, your property's grade, and why we have inspections.

Module 2 - The Inspection
See what the inspector is looking at: Exterior, interior, plumbing, and electrical.

Module 3 - After the Inspection
How you are notified of violations, correcting violations, re-inspections, and ongoing inspection schedule.

Module 4 - Cooking Fires
Learn how to help tenants prevent cooking fires.

Module 5 - Landlord Maintenance Tips and Responsibilities
Learn tips for monitoring your properties condition, tenant notification before entering the property, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and more.

Module 6 - Additional Resources for Landlords
Learn about the Affordable Housing Incentive Program (4d) and Rental Rehab Loans.

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Permits: When Does a Landlord Need One?

This interactive micro-training takes 3-5 minutes to complete. You will learn which building, electrical and plumbing projects need a permit, which ones don't, and when you have to hire a licensed contractor. Invest 5 minutes now to save yourself a lot of money and hassle later. Take the training

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