Why List With HousingLink?

Because other advertising methods don't even compare
Other Online Services
  • Most property rental websites require payment for creating an ad or for renters responding to your ads. Listing rental property with HousingLink fits anyone's advertising budget because it's completely free.
  • What about other free classified-style websites serving Minnesota? Here's how we compare:
    DetailsHousingLinkOther free classified-style websites
    Free Listings x x
    Attach Photos and Access Maps x x
    Create, Store and Save an Account  x x
    Equal Visibility for Newer and Older Listingsx
    Continuous Listing Timex
    Full Amenity Informationx
    Multiple Search and Sort Categories for Renters
Classified Ads
  • Classified ads in newspapers cost money, offer limited space, and require more work for the renters.
  • According to a 2008 Pew Research Center study, only 39% of Americans say they read a newspaper on a daily basis.  Newspaper readership is expected to continue to decline as people switch to new technology to get their news and information. 
Vacancy Signs and Flyers
  • Vacancy signs and flyers only reach the people who happen to see them. Compare that to the 35,000+ people searching for housing on HousingLink every month. 
Listing with HousingLink is completely free
We guarantee hList fits into your advertising budget because you won't spend a penny. No hidden fees. No delayed payments. Completely free.

You can even store your property information in a free account
  • Create a new account in minutes.
  • Store as many properties as you like.
  • Attach photos and access a map to your property.
  • List a property as long as you want.
  • Never have to create repeat listings.
  • Open, close or renew your stored listings in one click.
The Internet is the way to go
According to the "Multifamily Marketing in the Internet Age" report from the National Multi Housing Council:
  • Internet penetration among U.S. households is now more than 70 percent.
  • Among renters with internet access, the Internet is by far the most used and valued resource when searching for an apartment.

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